“Don Moore on lead guitar, an ace in the hole...."


My teaching career started on campus while studying music at UW-Milwaukee, and I've now been teaching over 25 years.   I've taught kids, teens, adults and retirees in theory, jazz, rock, country, acoustic, electric, veritably any style the student desires.   I was a primary teacher, guitar program coordinator and Weekend Warrior Band Camp director for the White House of Music for over ten years and have performed nationally and internationally for dozens of bands and singer-songwriters. I've contributed online lesson content for Guitar Player's Toolbox and currently receive regular professional and personal referrals from my good friends at Cream City Music.

I also spend much of my time as an audio producer for Milwaukee's 91.7 WMSE, perform live and in sessions for a number of artists and bands, and compose and produce production and library music for a variety of media.

You can learn much more at www.donmooremusic.com.



"A Season In Doolin" - an Irish-rock inspired instrumental written and performed in full by D. Moore  ©Beatkick Music