“Genius guitar play..."

-Shepherd Express

As a weekly reserved lesson,

one month at a time.  

Monthly tuition is fixed and covers the month in advance for one weekly time, renewable month to month.  Register below to reserve your lesson time, no obligation when registering.  

$25 per 30-minute lesson

60-minute lessons available

As a single lesson,

one lesson reserved in advance. 

Convenient for those who like non-recurring and changeable lesson times.  Single lessons are sold in advance through the secure online booking calendar.  Monthly classes are booked as a priority and all single lessons that are left are shown on the calendar. 

book your lesson today

   Please read the full detail of lessons policies here.



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by Don Moore

Located in the Elm Grove Park & Shop
13425 Watertown Plank Road
Elm Grove, WI   414-803-7527


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